Registration Information

Online Registration opens at 8 am August 1, 2023!

Auditions (August 30th) and seminar (September 25-30th) will be held at
Woodburn Missionary Church – 5108 Bull Rapids Road, Woodburn, IN 46797.

Please read the following information carefully as you consider enrolling your student for this unique opportunity. 

If your student participates in drama camp, he/she must:

  • Attend all auditions, sessions, rehearsals, and performances. Please ensure beforehand that there are no conflicts in your schedule. 
  • Be prepared to work hard. The schedule can be fairly grueling. Be sure to keep the maturity of your younger children in mind when registering. Elementary students are not involved in learning about makeup, props, sets, etc. and often there is a lot of time spent sitting still, not talking to your neighbor and being patient. If this is a challenge for your child, consider giving them one more year of maturity.


  • Registration is open until audition day or until full.
  • Attendance is mandatory for all auditions, rehearsals, and performances. Be sure there are no conflicts in your schedule.
  • Ages 6 through 12th grade.
  • Elementary musical and a Jr / Sr High School play.
  • Everyone who registers is in the play! Auditions are to determine parts.
  • After receiving their part, students are expected to prepare for camp week by memorizing all their lines, cues, and songs.
  • Cost is $210 for High School and $160 for Elementary. Prices for more than 2 children are discounted significantly.
  • Elementary students must be age 6 by September 1st.
  • High school students must be age 12 by September 1st. 
  • All participants must attend the audition day on Wednesday, August 30, 2023.
  • Elementary camp week schedule: Monday, September 25th through Friday, September 29th, 9 am – 12:00 pm.  
  • Elementary performance: Friday, September 29th at 7 pm.
  • High School camp week schedule: Monday, September 25th through Friday, September 29th, 9 am – 3:00 pm. Thursday is the exception with students staying until 10 pm for dress rehearsal; pizza dinner is provided.
  • High School performance: Saturday, September 30th at 2 pm.
  • Cost includes a script and t-shirt for each student.
  • Elementary cost includes one musical score and music CD per family.
  • You will be asked to provide basic pieces to your child’s costume.
  • An attempt will be made to hold two optional musical rehearsals for elementary and read throughs for high school prior to drama camp week to give students a leg up.


  • If a family has more than two students, costs are as follows: full price for two oldest students, discounted rate for every student thereafter. 
  • Donations help defray our cost. Information on how you can help will be provided at the parent meeting that will be held during auditions.
  • DO NOT call the church for information. They graciously allow us to use their facility but have no specifics about drama camp or its operation. If you have questions, email them to Barb Powers at For more information about the Academy of Arts, visit their website at
  • You can also visit our Facebook Page to view pictures of past performances and receive updates about our drama camps.