His Word Theater Homeschool Drama Camp, formerly FWAHS Drama Camp, is a weeklong intensive drama experience culminating in a full-length production. Team leaders from the Academy of the Arts provide professional drama training with a Christian worldview and message. All students who register will be part of the onstage production and have their main costume parts provided. In addition, the performances are free to the public. Come join us for an unforgettable week of fun and fellowship with friends old and new!


Join us for the annual His Word Theater Drama Camp. Enjoy a week long intensive
Drama Experience culminating in a full length production at week’s end.



Reasons to Participate:
•    Christian Worldview and Message
•    Professional Training
•    Everyone gets a part
•    Unique Scripts and songs
•    Main costumes provided
•    Short Term Commitment
•    Free Admission to performances
•    Fun and fellowship with friends old and new


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