Elementary Parent Supervisor

Please arrive with your child in the morning and stay to supervise and be of any help necessary.
Make yourself a name tag for a green lanyard and introduce yourself to the Director, identifying why you are there. Be available to monitor bathroom and snack breaks so the director can prep another scene. Don’t hesitate to intervene if a child is a bit squirrely or having other disruptive behavior. Your own smaller children should not be allowed to run around the back of the auditorium or otherwise distract you from this assignment.  Please note that one day there may be many things for you to do, while another day may require relatively little effort. Either way, it is a great help to have you readily available.
Monday Feb 27th

  1. Clem
  2. Seder

Tuesday Feb 28

  1. Clem
  2. Rosswurm

Wednesday March 1st

  1. Rosswurm
  2. Keysor

Thursday March 2nd

  1. Keysor
  2. Seder

Friday March 3rd

  1. Shinn
  2. Wilson